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The braces installed in your child’s mouth by Dr. Nieku Manshadi will gradually realign their teeth to give them a healthier mouth and a more appealing smile.  Their braces are designed to be durable enough to allow them to eat most basic foods. However, chewing gum and eating sticky and hard foods have the potential to bend wires and loosen other hardware.   

If some part of your child’s braces is damaged in any way, it could increase the number of adjustment sessions and the duration of time needed to achieve their ideal smile. To that end, Dr. Nieku Manshadi offers these basic insights to help minimize complications from damaged braces while they wait to have them repaired.

When our orthodontist installed your child’s braces, he gave them a piece of special orthodontic wax. If a loose bracket, band or wire is poking into your child’s cheek or gums, they should try to cover it with the wax. If they don’t have the wax handy, they might be able to make do with a pencil eraser.

It’s also not unheard of for a spacer to come loose or fall out shortly before a scheduled adjustment session. If this happens, you should give us a call. We might recommend having them come in for an earlier adjustment to have the spacer replaced.

If any part of your child’s braces in Bee Cave, Texas, is damaged, you should not delay in calling Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry at 512.263.7455 to help them seek timely repair.