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You know that your child should lose their baby teeth eventually. Similarly, you probably know that your child’s tooth should fall out on its own. However, do you know when the tooth should fall out or when you should consider pulling your little one’s tooth?

As you may have guessed, letting your child’s teeth fall out on its own is preferable. Usually, your child should lose their first tooth when they’re about six. To help your child lose their teeth naturally, teach them to wiggle their loose tooth with their tongue or a clean finger. However, when you show your children how to wiggle their tooth, please emphasize the importance of moving it gently.
Please remember that timing is important. If you try to pull your child’s tooth too early, it could be painful. As a general rule, you should wait until your child’s tooth is very loose. For example, if their tooth is dangling in their mouth, you could help your child pull their tooth.

Finally, if you do help your child pull their tooth, please twist their tooth. Also, you should avoid grabbing your child’s tooth with your finger. Instead, please use a clean cloth or a piece of gauze.

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