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It’s very common for children to develop a cavity in their baby teeth. If your child finds themselves having a cavity, it’s important not to blame yourself for it. Sometimes these things happen no matter how much you make sure that your child brushes and flosses on a regular basis. Children love sugar and can often miss places when brushing which leads to a cavity forming.

It can be a scary situation for your child to see their dentist, Dr. Nieku Manshadi. We at Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry understand you want to alleviate the fears your child has so that they can receive the necessary dental filling for treatment. Here’s some advice to prepare them for their treatment.

Be relaxed. Your child can pick up on any nervousness or trepidations you may have about their cavity. Try to radiate calm, so that your child can follow your lead in how to handle the situation.

Stay positive. This may seem like it’s redundant, but we are referencing your verbal reactions to the situation. You should try to avoid blaming your child for having their cavity. Don’t say things like “This is your fault” to them. This can upset them and make the situation worse. Simply let them know that Dr. Nieku Manshadi is going to give them a treatment to help fix their cavity.

If your child requires a dental appointment in Bee Cave, Texas, please call Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry at 512.263.7455 so we can schedule their visit with Dr. Nieku Manshadi.