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You probably understand that there are many things you should do if you’re raising a child. For example, you probably know that you should keep your kids active, take them to your doctor fairly on a regular basis, and encourage them to follow a balanced diet. Still, are you aware that it’s also important for you to schedule regular checkups with our team?

Do you understand why these dental appointments are so important? As you may already have guessed, your little one probably won’t have any dental issues that need to be addressed during their first checkup. Conversely, these appointments are important as they can let your kids adjust to visiting a new place. This is very important because your children may not love these visits.

However, there are several ways you may be able to make these checkups more enjoyable. For example, it’s important that you teach your little one a few things about what could happen when you visit our dental team. There are several tricks you could try to help them enjoy their visit, such as showing your child a video or reading them a book.

If you have more questions about how to help keep your child’s teeth healthy, or would like to hear more about their first dental appointment in Bee Cave, Texas, we invite you to contact Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry by calling 512.263.7455. Dr. Nieku Manshadi and our team are eager to meet with you soon.