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As your son or daughter grows up, their set of twenty primary teeth has been replaced by their thirty-two permanent teeth. Of course, this is a gradual process, as the teeth are lost at different times. When this happens, it’s possible for multiple teeth to emerge too close to each other causing one or two to be pushed out of their ideal alignment.

If this overcrowding issue isn’t corrected somehow, it can cause dental fractures on the related teeth in the area, lead to enamel attrition and gradually affect the proper alignment of nearby teeth. In a situation like this, our orthodontist, Dr. Ryan Pendleton at Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry’s Bee Cave, Texas clinic, can correct the position of the teeth by installing braces.

In an extreme case of overcrowding, a single tooth might need to be extracted from an area, to provide sufficient space for the other teeth to be realigned. Afterward, your son or daughter will need to practice some simple measures to ensure the gums heal properly.

This might include chewing on the other side of their mouth, drinking through the straw and taking any pain management prescriptions at the necessary times. If you know or suspect your child occasionally uses tobacco, you might want to have a conversation to encourage them to quit. The heat, tar and other chemicals introduced to the mouth by tobacco products can irritate the healing gums and increase the chance of infection.

If you live in the Bee Cave, Texas area and your son or daughter is dealing with an overcrowding issue with their teeth, you should call 512.263.7455 to schedule a braces consultation with Dr. Ryan Pendleton, DDS, at Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry’s clinic.