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If your child sucks their thumb, you should break the habit as soon as you see it begin. This may not always be easy, but the longer the custom goes on, the greater the risk the child has for lasting dental damage.

If your child has begun to suck their thumb, offer them heaps of acclaim whenever they stop. Many children use thumb sucking as a shield or as a security blanket, so always do your part in building their self-confidence. You can also try speaking with your child about the dangers of sucking their thumb.

If a child is hesitant to quit sucking their thumb, their pediatrician can coat their thumbs in a foul-tasting substance. This reduces their desire to suck their thumbs and helps push them forward in the quest for a better smile. Swapping them onto pacifiers may seem like a great idea, but pacifiers can cause the same type of oral health issues in a child that thumb sucking can.

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