Is Your Child Beginning to Show Signs of Teething?


Is your child beginning to show signs of teething? Teething is a process that occurs when your child’s teeth are beginning to break through the gum line and become exposed to the world. Teething is a common process that all children with teeth will go through, although it may cause them discomfort or pain. Typically, the pain of the teeth crossing the threshold can be alleviated and lessened in a variety of ways.

Your child’s first tooth should appear when they are roughly 6 months of age. Look for signs of teeth by constantly monitoring their mouth. If they are feeling any discomfort they may cry more often, be extra irritable, show signs of fussiness, constantly reach for things to put in their mouth, and drool more than usual. However, if your child begins to show signs of diarrhea, rashes around their body, and signs of fever, consult their pediatrician.

Some common techniques to help your child with their teeth includes toys and products designed to help sooth their gums, such as teething rings. Other things such as gauze pads and cold spoons can also be employed to rub along their gums. You can also use your finger, but make sure your hands are always clean. If you child is under two, do not use any medicated products such as teething tablets, unless under the guidance of your child’s pediatrician.

No matter which service you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits each can provide. If you would like Dr. Nieku Manshadi and our team at Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics to bring your child in for an oral exam to determine which treatment is best for them, please contact our pediatric office in Bee Cave, Texas, by calling us at 254.655.6554. We can get your child on the path to smiles for miles!